Order samples directly in your home

Durat samples can be ordered from the sample webshop. The colour range is extremely comprehensive with more than a hundred different colour and pattern options available.

Due to the screen color settings, the image will never fully match the color of the product in nature. The colour sample is a lot of help when you are choosing your own product. 

• We  encourage you to order and compare at least two diffrent samples to be sure you get just the right shade. 

• The size of the sample piece is 52 x 26 x 12 mm. 

• We've priced the samples to reflect the prices of the final product, Durat and RAL colours 3 eur/piece, Durat Palace 4,5 eur/piece. We will deliver the models to you by mail and we will reimburse you for the costs of ordering the models when you place your order.

Are you a professional? Retailers, architects and designers can order samples for free by registering to the service.